Haibun-Wettbewerb, englischsprachig

Kikakuza Haibun Contest 2011- English Section. Jeder Teilnehmer kann bis zu drei Beiträge schicken.  Einsendeschluss: 31. Januar 2011

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其角座Kikakuza Haibun Contest 2011- English Section

Kikakuza is a group of haikai (linked-verse) poets founded in 2005 in honour of Kikaku (1661~1707), Basho’s celebrated disciple. We wish to help revive the tradition of haibun, which gradually went out of favour after the Meiji Restoration. For this purpose, we have created a Haibun Contest and invite foreign writers to enter. The contest will be judged by Nobuyuki Yuasa and Stephen Henry Gill. The results of the contest will be announced in the Kikakuza Bulletin and on its homepage, and awards will be sent directly to the winners. All entries must meet the following conditions.

1 Subject: Free, but discretion must be used to avoid slander and obscenity.

2 Style: No restrictions, but special attention must be paid to honour the spirit of haikai.

3 Length: In total, not more than 30 lines (at 1 line = 80 spaces).

4 Haiku: At least one haiku should be included.

5 Format: Print on a sheet of A4 size paper and write at the bottom your name and your pen name if you have one, together with your address, telephone number, and your email address. Your privacy will be strictly protected, and the judges will not see your names.

6 Deadline: All entries should reach the following address by 31 January 2011. Entries received after this date will not be accepted. Please send your entries to:

Ms. Motoko Yoshioka, Regalia 907, 7-32-44 Fujimi-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo

190-0013, Japan

7 Entry Fee: No entry fee will be requested.

8 Restrictions: Entrants can send up to three entries. They should be unpublished. As we cannot return your entries after screening, please don’t forget to retain your own copies.

9 Questions: All questions should be sent to the address above.

10 Sample haibun: Sample haibun can be read at the following sites:

http://hailhaiku.wordpress.com/category/haibun/ (also click ‘longer haibun’ page)


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